Champagne Faniel Filaine
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Cuvée Réserve


Grape varieties : Majority Pinot Noir

The nose reveals the charm and delicacy, opening at progressively minutes on brioche, ripe fruits such as quince, pear and dried fruit aromas, toasted almonds, cinnamon and dry homey. 

In the mouth, the texture and delicacy of this Champagne seduce immediately. The notes of ripe fruit are mixed with brioche and toasted nuts to create a beautiful harmony of taste. The aftertaste is long, delicate and calls to a second sip.


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Suggestions of our chef and our wine merchant
For a food and wine pairing

Besides being able to consume this Champagne as an aperitif with a toast assortment; it may also be associated with muffins with ham and cheese, a basil carp terrine, a quiche Lorraine and a farmer veal chop. 

Emphasize the big wide flute to give him the opportunity to better ventilation.

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