Champagne Faniel Filaine
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Cuvée Millésime


Grape varieties : 33% of Chardonnay, 33% of Pinot Meunier, 333% of Pinot Noir

The nose reveals immediately notes of cinnamon and roasted almonds. But after he aired a few minutes, we find aromas of dried fig, candied apricot and brioche bringing power and greed to that Champagne. 

In the mouth, the toasted almond dominates in the attack as the first nose. Then the pear notes and candied apricot of lightness appear before the brioche caramelized walnuts and toasted nuts are expressed as and measuring seconds. This Champagne has a very long finish and to whom you should given the time to open to appreciate all this potential.

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Suggestions of our chef and our wine merchant
For a food and wine pairing

This vintage Champagne could be associated with a multitude of dishes such like crispy Bass and red mullet with foie Gras and tomato sauce, foie gras nougat with honey and Champagne Ratafia, sweetbreads Rossini or a piece of a veal roasted scampi. 

Following a slight decanting, it will be even greedier and reveal its range of more exuberant aromas.

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