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Cuvée Hermance


Grape varieties : It is an assembly of three varieties of grapes based on the years 2006 and 2007

The prestige cuvée unveils the charm and elegance with aromas of ripe fruits such as peach, pear and plum, coated with freshness on the acacia honey. After a few minutes of aeration, notes of dried fruit, almonds and roasting intensifies to give more breadth and pleasure to Champagne, clearly leaving the "house style" to express them. 

The palate is rich and sumptuous. The notes mature fruits collected above the nose are also expressed in the mouth and honey notes, while giving it a silky and ample texture. Almond and roasting accompany the finish, followed by a crisp edge that brings finesse and freshness.


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Suggestions of our chef and our wine merchant
For a food and wine pairing

As an aperitif, this Champagne will stand on its own as its elegance and richness dominate. Fried foie gras and orange chutney can also be a tasting of his companions. Nevertheless other dishes can agree with like a roasted king crab on a plancha, monkfish champagne and toast piece of veal with prawns. 

This vintage Champagne was accompanied by a personalized embossed capsule.

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